Next Flight on Saturday and a note about signups

Whew!! It was a busy few days for our dream team! This was the first time this year that we have had flights back to back and we LOVE the amazing welcome you have helped us bestow on our veterans. We are always so very grateful to have so many volunteers join us, and so very EXCITED to see so many new faces! We hope that this season has been as wonderful for you.

Just a note about signups too – PLEASE make sure that you only sign up for EITHER outside greeting OR Gate pass greeting. Essentially, you can’t be in two places at once!! So we only need your name on one form. 🙂  Also, if you would PLEASE make sure that your email address is typed in correctly, that would be helpful. If there are simple mistakes (such as .con instead of .com) we can figure it out and fix it, but sometimes it’s more tricky, and we want to be sure we get the information about greeting the flight to you in a timely manner.

Our next flight is:

05/09 – SATURDAY                                                                                           Colleen     

  1. Honor Flight Brushy Creek Area                                                  99 Veterans/ 63 Guardians

Arrive:   9:50 AM

Depart:  9:05 PM (8:00 PM Return to Airport)

Please SIGN UP HERE to greet!

Hope to see you soon!!!

Your Dream Team

5 thoughts on “Next Flight on Saturday and a note about signups

    • Hi Joy,
      No, typically we don’t ever fill up the outside sign ups. However, we do ask that you sign up no later than 48-36 hours before the flight. That is when we take the signups down from the website. This allows us to make sure we get the greeter information sent back out to you in a timely manner. If you, or anyone else has any questions though, please contact us.


  1. my first one this year. assume baggage area 8 .1 hr before am ok waiting outside on way to buses/ maur mathieson


  2. got this far. will try and find original email back in April ?about program. will be happy to be outsider this am maura


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