See you next Spring!!!

Well folks….that’s a wrap! Just wanted to take a moment to thank the greatest team and volunteers on the face of the Earth! As a group, you showed up at the airport sometimes at the crack of dawn, during the heat of rush hour and on your precious weekends. You loaded and unloaded hundreds of wheelchairs, cases of water and the precious cargo who used them. You hugged, kissed, laughed and cried with some of the most amazing and deserving people anywhere, our beloved veterans. You helped make what is for many, “the final journey”, one of the most special days of their lives. You saw what just a simple handshake, hug or “thank you” could do for a 90 year old. And the reward was priceless. Without your help, moments like those would never have been possible. In 2015, Dulles Honor Flight welcomed just under 40 flights transporting almost 2500 veterans and 1900 guardians. What could have been a very difficult undertaking was made so much easier with the assistance of all of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers and for that, Roberta, Jenn, Dave, Kathie, Alice, Nancy, Ken, Donna, Pati and Colleen THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! Have a safe off-season and we look forward to doing it all again next Spring!

Thanks so much!!

The Dream Team

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