ONE WEEK ‘TIL OUR FIRST FLIGHT and a few changes!!

That’s right folks, we have ONE week until we welcome Never Forgotten Honor Flight from Wisconsin as our FIRST flight of the 2016 season!! We are getting our signs together and our hugs ready!! Are you with us?? Please sign up to greet on our 2016 Schedule.

ALSO there are TWO important changes to our schedule:

  1. Quad Cities on 4.21 will be arriving at 10:00AM, NOT 7:15AM.
  2. Honor Flight Southern Colorado will be departing out of BWI, not IAD as we thought.

Both of these changes are reflected on our schedule page.

We can’t wait to see you at the airport!!!

The Dream  Team

4 thoughts on “ONE WEEK ‘TIL OUR FIRST FLIGHT and a few changes!!

  1. Sorry to bug you but I am a greeter for this coming Monday and need to know where to park and what time you want me there. Also where to meet…and who do I ask for as head contact?


  2. Just did my 1st honor flight with my friend and 3 of our grand kids. What a humbling experience thank you Colleen for letting us take the kids to the gate so amazing to watch the interactions. We will definitely do it again! Thanks to all the organizers!


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