Just what you’ve been waiting for!!

*Stretch….yawn* Ahhhhhhh….what a GREAT break it was…but for about the last month, we have been gearing up and getting ready for our 2019 season. Five of your fabulous leaders – Colleen, Roberta, Donna, Lois and Jennifer – attended the new and improved Honor Flight Summit in Baltimore, MD just a few weeks ago and met our newest additions to the Board of Directors! It was an amazing weekend and just what we needed to start preparing to welcome our heroes as only we can at Dulles!

After a few revisions and additions, we have our 2019 schedule – shiny and new – posted on our site here. 

Please NOTE the signups for flights are NOT posted yet. Those will be coming soon!

We have also added our Privacy Policy to the site, as well as revamped some of our pages, so please have a look around and see what you think!

We can’t wait to see you all out at the airport soon! We’ve missed your smiling faces!!!

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