What a great day!

Kind of like opening day for Major League Baseball, we had a marvelous kickoff yesterday for the arrival of the first Honor Flight to Dulles Airport for 2022. The weather was gorgeous for the Quad Cities veterans and the Dulles parking team made free parking available for the greeters. Many thanks to all the greeters who arrived in the morning and evening to cheer for and thank the veterans.

Our next flight will arrive on 21 April and leave on 23 April. Arrival and departure times have changed. Arrival on the 21st is now 5:50 PM and departure on the 23rd is at 10:30 AM. Sign up now to greet those veterans. We will most likely have new parking instructions so stay tuned. https://heroeswelcomeiad.com/2022-spring-schedule/2022-spring-signups/

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