What A Day!

The weather was near perfect yesterday (6/18) for the arrival of the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight from Milwaukee, WI. And what a welcome they received! Over 260 greeters came to Dulles Airport to greet both flights in the morning with another 80 greeters coming back for their return in the evening. A big THANK YOU to every individual, family, service organization, musical group, and other organization who made their greeting so special. Some comments that were heard from the greeters: “I’ve never seen so many veterans crying.”, “They all seemed so happy to see us.”, and “I never realized how moving it would be to greet the veterans.” From the veterans, one comment is especially poignant: “When I came home from Vietnam, I wondered what I did wrong since I was not welcomed home. Today, I finally feel like I’ve come home.”

With the completion of yesterday’s flight, we’ve entered the summer “break” for the flights. We will start again in August. Have a wonderful and safe summer and watch for news of the fall flight schedule. We can’t wait to see everyone again.

The Honor Flight at Dulles team

One thought on “What A Day!

  1. Thank you so much for your dedication to the Honor Flights. Your efforts have brought so much joy to me over the years for being able to participate and give my thanks to these wonderful men and women who continue to provide America our freedoms.


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