Spring 2023 Update

The Honor Flight Summit meeting has been held when many of the hubs from across the country came to BWI Airport to share and learn from each other. It was a time to touch base with some of the folks who will be flying into Dulles this year. The Honor Flight at Dulles team attended and we had a chance to have one-on-one meetings with both the new Chief of Staff for the Honor Flight national team and with their IT person.

In the next week or so, we will be posting our flight schedule for the spring. All the signups are ready to go for the 11 flights that we know will be arriving. There are still several items to be finalized and once they are, you will be notified. The validation of email addresses has started. Look for a message from “iadcoordinator.com” and PLEASE respond if you would like to be removed. We have over 1500 folks in our email list and it would be nice to remove folks who are no longer in the area or who are unable to volunteer this year.


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