Busy Busy Wednesday – May 10th

Dulles Airport will be filled with veterans on Wednesday, May 10th, when flights from Fort Dodge, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois arrive at almost the same time in the morning. The Chicago Honor Flight is scheduled to arrive at 9:30 AM with the Brushy Creek Honor Flight following close behind at 10:00 AM. Because the planes are arriving at almost the same time, the nine (9) buses that will transport the veterans to see their memorials can’t all be on the Departure (upper) level at the same time. Thus special arrangements are being made to accommodate the Brushy Creek buses on the Arrivals (lower) level. Be sure to sign up on our website to greet the Brushy Creek veterans so that you receive the email on the 8th with the arrival (and departure) details.

The evening departure of Brushy Creek will be a breeze since their buses will return to Dulles at 8:00 PM. We will follow our standard departure process that evening.


3 thoughts on “Busy Busy Wednesday – May 10th

  1. Hi Trish-

    Thanks so much, lots of balls in the air. I think a of the necessary corrections have been made.😀

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    This shows Sat May 10 when the 10th is a Wed….



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