That’s right – you read that correctly!!! Sign ups for our Spring flights are posted on our 2016 schedule page. PLEASE NOTE – we have two flights that the links are not active for yet. We are awaiting confirmation of additional information and we will let you know when those signups go live.  THANK YOU for your support in honoring our heroes!!


Get your calendars out…

OK Volunteers – we are getting our signs out and our hugs ready!! Time to start preparing for our spring season and we have just released our first schedule for the year. Signups are NOT posted yet, but we wanted you to be able to start making plans for the upcoming season. Flights will be updated on the page as we get information, so please be sure to check back often. As always, we are SO very grateful for all of you, and we look forward to seeing you at the airport soon!!

Your Dream Team

2016 Schedule

See you next Spring!!!

Well folks….that’s a wrap! Just wanted to take a moment to thank the greatest team and volunteers on the face of the Earth! As a group, you showed up at the airport sometimes at the crack of dawn, during the heat of rush hour and on your precious weekends. You loaded and unloaded hundreds of wheelchairs, cases of water and the precious cargo who used them. You hugged, kissed, laughed and cried with some of the most amazing and deserving people anywhere, our beloved veterans. You helped make what is for many, “the final journey”, one of the most special days of their lives. You saw what just a simple handshake, hug or “thank you” could do for a 90 year old. And the reward was priceless. Without your help, moments like those would never have been possible. In 2015, Dulles Honor Flight welcomed just under 40 flights transporting almost 2500 veterans and 1900 guardians. What could have been a very difficult undertaking was made so much easier with the assistance of all of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers and for that, Roberta, Jenn, Dave, Kathie, Alice, Nancy, Ken, Donna, Pati and Colleen THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! Have a safe off-season and we look forward to doing it all again next Spring!

Thanks so much!!

The Dream Team


Kathleen Mary shared this on our Facebook site:

So last night while helping with the Iowa Honor Flight, I asked the only female Vet what the best part of the day was.She quickly responded all the girls and boys that were Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, and all the children that came out. She said she had all the pictures and was going to upload them to her computer when she got home. She told me she had been a Girl Guide and her daughter was a brownie and a Girl Scout and she was the Girl Scout leader.
When I asked another vet, he got choked up and said the children at the airport arrival was his favorite moment
So, all of you kids just know you are appreciated and noticed!

Definitely!! Thank you to all of our families, groups, and littles in general that come out for our Veterans!! They Absolutely LOVE YOU!! (And we do TOO!!)


Good evening fabulous Dulles Volunteers!

We were looking at our greeter lists for this coming Monday’s flight and EEK!!! We NEED YOU to come out!!!  PLEASE check your calendars and sign up under 2015 schedule. We can’t let these vets miss out on our amazing greeting at IAD!!!  There are only 28 veterans on this flight! Come see our heroes as we welcome them from across the nation to see their memorials!!

08/31 – MONDAY                                                                                 Pati/Colleen

Honor Flight Idaho                                                                         28 Veterans/ 23 Guardians

Arrive:   3:15       PM

Depart:  9:40       AM     (9/2 7:30 AM Return to Airport)


FALL SCHEDULE NOW POSTED!!!! (Signups to come later)

First of all, we want to THANK YOU for a FANTASTIC Spring 2015 Season!! We introduced our new website and greeter sign ups and our group TOOK OFF! We greeted a total of 747 veterans in 13 flights this spring. I hope that you realize how much each hug, each smile, each “thank you” means to our veterans. You guys truly are THE BEST!!

So while we are taking the summer off, we have already had a few requests for the fall schedule, so TAH DAH – it is posted HERE. We do not have active sign up links yet, but they will be coming by early August.

So sit back, think about all the fun we had this Spring, and enjoy your summer. We’ll see you in August!!

Your Dream Team


We hope that you know HOW much we appreciate each of you and the time you take out of your lives to come out and greet our heroes. Occasionally, we receive emails from other hubs, or from random people who want to let us know how amazing our program is and how it has touched them. Luckily with our new website, we can share them easier with you all. Here is an excerpt from a recent email we received:

I traveled with the San Francisco Bay Area Honor Flight contingent this
past week, and wanted to thank you and all of your volunteers who greeted
us at Dulles on Thursday and helped send us off on Saturday afternoon. They
were all wonderful and our vets felt valued like the VIPs that they are.
(They especially got a kick out of seeing the kids, who all thanked them
for their service.)

My mother accompanied my grandfather, who served in the Navy in WWII, and I
was fortunate to accompany Mauro, who served in the Army in Korea and, at
92, had never been to DC. They both had once in a lifetime experiences.

I know that it’s a lot of work to coordinate and organize all of those
wonderful volunteers to make this experience so special, so thank you from
the bottom of my heart.

And from ours too!!

Your Dream Team


Good Evening Everyone!! Just a quick note to let you know that we have updated our schedule for the remainder of our Spring season, and our June sign ups are now posted to our site.

We do not have details on our last flight of the Spring yet, so we have not posted that sign up yet. Our 6/21 flight from Twin Tiers has also been removed, as that hub is now traveling to DC by bus.

Please give it a look and see when you can come out and help us greet our wonderful heroes!!

2015 Schedule

See you soon!

Southern Willamette Valley Honor Flight on Friday!!

Good Evening Everyone!!

We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend to celebrate VE Day, and we hope that many of you were able to see the flyover or participate in the many celebrations that happened this weekend.

We have one flight coming in on Friday and then a short break before SWEEPS WEEK the first week in June!! (Four flights in five days!!!!)


05/15 –FRIDAY**OVERNIGHT**                                         Roberta

  1. Southern Willamette Valley (OR) 50 Veterans /58 Guardians

Arrive:   6:35PM

Depart:  8:15AM (5/17 6:45AM Return to Airport)

​ Please sign up to greet under 2015 schedule for EITHER a gate pass greeting, or for an ​Outside greeting, BUT NOT BOTH.

Thank you all SO MUCH!!! Keep posting those photos on our Facebook page too!! We LOVE To see all the happy smiling faces!