Volunteers are needed to greet the flights. We encourage people to bring their families and friends and to greet each flight as the WWII Veterans disembark. This is a very emotional and uplifting experience for all involved and the WWII veterans are usually so stunned and appreciative.

Our schedule is posted on this site under 2019 Schedule, as it is updated. It is also posted on Facebook at “Honor Flight at Dulles – Welcoming Our Heroes”.

Choose a date that you would like to volunteer. Then sign up to greet by clicking on the link next to the flight listing on our 2019 Schedule page.  Please only sign up for OUTSIDE GREETING (public access area of the main terminal) OR INSIDE GREETING (signing up for a gate pass, going through TSA security, and arriving at the airport 90 minutes before the flight) NOT BOTH. Please also be sure your email address is typed in correctly. This is our way of communicating with you about the flight.

DAY OF FLIGHT: You will receive a confirmation email with details about when and where you should meet the group at IAD approximately 24 hours before the flight is scheduled to arrive. Your lead will also be named in this email, and this is your contact person for that flight. Information regarding parking is included below but will also be in the email.


  • Volunteers park in Garage #1
  • At the ticket machine, push the GREEN button on the touch screen to receive a paper ticket. SAVE YOUR TICKET
  • In the main terminal, obtain a validated parking pass from the flight lead
  • Upon exiting garage, use any lane to exit, insert the original ticket, wait for the prompt, then insert the validated parking pass

48 hours prior to every scheduled date, Honor Flight is required to submit the number of drivers to the Airport Parking Authority.  In order for us to receive enough validated tickets to disburse to our drivers, ALL volunteers are required to sign up in advance through our website,  Sign ups can be found under the “2019 Schedule” tab. Make SURE that you answer the required question “Will you be driving and requesting a parking pass?”  Volunteers who did not sign up in advance may have to pay for parking.

More information about greeting:

As the Veterans disembark, the greeters will clap and cheer. As each Veteran passes by, you are welcome to shake his/her hand (some enjoy hugs as well, you’ll be able to figure out who pretty easily – please be sure the Veteran is receptive to a hug; while many enjoy the hugs, some do not and we want to respect that), thank them for their service, welcome them to DC and/or wish them well in their day along with many a heartfelt “Thank You!”

Reasonable sized banners/signs, U.S. flags, are allowed (remember, you will likely have to hold them while clapping). Please do NOT bring balloons.

Veterans love it when active military personnel come down in uniform. We flank both sides of the exit from the plane in this order: local World War II Heroes; Active Duty Military; Retired Military/Veterans; Greeters from all over!

We also wave the buses off as the Veterans depart for their day.

If you have any questions while you are at the airport, please see someone in our bright yellow shirts. They are our seasoned volunteers and they can point you in the right direction!