Schedule is temporarily unavailable

Good morning.  Our apologies for the delay but we are currently trying to fix our schedule page.   We hope to have it up and running this weekend. Please know that we are not IT professionals,  but rather volunteers who love our veterans and we’re doing our best. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, our next fight is

5/5– SATURDAY _                TBD       

  1. Stars and Stripes Honor Flight (WI) ALPHA 75 Veterans / 75 Guardians   

Arrive:    9:45AM

Depart:    7:30PM (6:00PM Return to Airport)


  1. Stars and Stripes Honor Flight (WI) BRAVO 75 Veterans / 75 Guardians   

Arrive:    10:15AM

Depart:    8:00PM (6:45PM Return to Airport)


Thank you!


2018 Preliminary schedule is POSTED!!


We are shaking off the dust and eagerly preparing for the Spring season!! We hope you are ready to practice your waving, loosening up those vocal chords for cheering and maybe even trying out a hug or hearty handshake. Our 2018 schedule is posted on our website here.

Please note, we DO NOT have signups YET. They will be posted in the next week or so as information is finalized.

THANK YOU and we can’t WAIT to see you at the airport!!!

Last 4 Flights of the 2017 Season

WOW!!! It’s hard to believe we are in our last week of Honor Flight for 2017!! We have had such a wonderful year welcoming our veterans, and we are excited for our last 4 flights as well.  Please check out the times for the flights on our schedule page and come out and greet one of our last flights with us. It’s an amazing experience, and we are very lucky to be able to be a part of it!!

See you at the airport soon!!!

Surprise flight from Iowa this TUESDAY!!

Hello Fabulous Dulles greeters!!!
SO we had a SURPRISE come up on us tonight – an Honor flight we were JUST made aware of is coming in THIS TUESDAY!!!
9-12 – TUESDAY _ Colleen
Honor Flight of Central Iowa 240 Veterans /80 Guardians
Arrive: 9:45 AM
Depart: 8:50 PM (7:15 PM Return to Airport)
WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! If there is ANY way you can come join us and help welcome these veterans, we REALLY want them to have the honor flight welcome that we are known for!! This is THEIR trip, and typically we have WEEKS to prepare, but we certainly don’t want to let them down.
SO PLEASE signup HERE to greet our heroes from IOWA!!!!!

9.16.17 Sign ups are Posted and LIVE!!

Good evening Volunteers!!

The links for the sign ups for our TRIPLE FLIGHTS on September 16th have been posted and are awaiting your names!! Please be CAREFUL when signing up since we have THREE flights within 90 minutes of each other.  If you have any questions, please contact us!!

We can’t wait to see you, and thank you for helping us welcome our heroes!!


New Parking Information, PLEASE READ!!

Hello Wonderful Honor Flight Volunteers-
Please read the following information regarding changes in the parking policy for all volunteers/greeters. 

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, all Honor Flight volunteers must park in GARAGE 1  instead of the hourly terminal parking lot.   Parking in Garage 1 provides cover from the elements, and has a much lower volume at the cashier lanes, which provides for smoother exits for both volunteers and airport customers alike.  While this may seem like an inconvenience, the airport authorities have been very generous to our organization by offering free parking ever since we began greeting flights at Dulles.  Our parking location may have changed but, we will still enjoy the benefit of not having to pay any fees to do so.  All current airport volunteers (i.e. USO and Traveler’s Aid Volunteers) will also be making this change.
There are 2 entrances to GARAGE 1:
From the Service Rd/Aviation Dr:   -Stay in left lane, past the Marriott to traffic light.  Turn left at the light for the entrance to Garage 1.  From this entry, you will enter the garage on Level 2.  Once in the garage, drive toward the signs that read Terminal.  If you park near the Terminal signage you will be close to either the elevator or stairs as you will need to go down to Level 1 to get the Shuttle bus.  There is no signage directing you to the Shuttle bus until you get to the elevator.
From the main entrance off of the Toll Rd and Route 28:     –  Continue on road to the Terminal staying in the extreme right hand lane, the road curves to the right to Garage 1.  From this entry, you will enter the garage on Level 1, the same level as the Shuttle bus shelters/stops.  Remember the Shuttle bus stop number.

When entering Garage 1, pull a ticket from the machine.  Bring it into the terminal to be validated with the stamp by the designated Honor Flight lead.  Print and sign the ticket on the non magnetic side.  DO NOT trade tickets if you are arriving in a group.  Every driver must present the same ticket they received upon entering the garage when they exit the garage.  This procedure has not changed.  Your validated ticket allows exit from Garage 1 ONLY.  VALIDATED TICKETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE TOLL PAZA IN THE HOURLY LOT.  If you choose to park in the Hourly Lot, you will be charged the standard hourly rate.
The Garage 1 shuttle buses run every 5 minutes.  Once on the bus, passengers are transported and dropped off at Terminal Door #2. This is the door closest to the escalators that will take you upstairs to where the majority of our greetings take place.
When leaving the main terminal after an Honor Flight arrival or departure concludes, walk down the Door #2 ramp and out the door.  Board the bus marked GARAGE 1.
Exit Garage 1 through the cashier lane.
As always, we appreciate all of our volunteers and the precious time they dedicate to our deserving veterans.  Thank you for your patience and understanding through the implementation of this change.