Four days — Four planes — Three Sets of Veterans

On Saturday, May 20th, the veterans from Milwaukee, WI will arrive on two planes starting at 9:00 am. The 150 veterans from the Stars & Stripes Honor Flight will have their Day of Honor before returning to the airport at 6:30 and 7:30 pm.

On Monday, May 22nd and again on Tuesday, May 23rd, 100 veterans from Dubuque, Iowa will arrive on each plane for their Day of Honor. On both days, the Dubuque and Tri-State Honor Flight planes will land at 9:50 am and their buses will return to the airport at 7:50 pm. Signups for these flights will close on Saturday afternoon (5/20).


Busy Busy Wednesday – May 10th

Dulles Airport will be filled with veterans on Wednesday, May 10th, when flights from Fort Dodge, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois arrive at almost the same time in the morning. The Chicago Honor Flight is scheduled to arrive at 9:30 AM with the Brushy Creek Honor Flight following close behind at 10:00 AM. Because the planes are arriving at almost the same time, the nine (9) buses that will transport the veterans to see their memorials can’t all be on the Departure (upper) level at the same time. Thus special arrangements are being made to accommodate the Brushy Creek buses on the Arrivals (lower) level. Be sure to sign up on our website to greet the Brushy Creek veterans so that you receive the email on the 8th with the arrival (and departure) details.

The evening departure of Brushy Creek will be a breeze since their buses will return to Dulles at 8:00 PM. We will follow our standard departure process that evening.

Calling all early risers!

Just love being up early in the morning? Having trouble sleeping now that the sun is up earlier? Have a pet that wants to go out early in the morning? Well, since you are already up, then head over to Dulles Airport this coming Sunday to help send out our veterans from Oregon on their way home. Their buses will arrive at 6 AM for their flight back west and we’d like to have a good turnout to see them off. The buses will arrive UPSTAIRS on the departure level. We’ll meet by the District Chophouse restaurant starting at 5:30 AM. So hop over to our website to sign up to join us. The signups will close on Thursday afternoon.

Inland Northwest – almost here

The veterans from Inland Northwest (Spokane, Washington) will be arriving on Monday, 10 April, for their day of honor in Washington, D.C. Please join us in welcoming them when their plane lands at 4:30 PM. If you can’t make the arrival, they head home on Tuesday, 11 April, when their buses return to the airport at 4:00 PM. Signups will close on Saturday afternoon (4/8).


The Quad Cities Honor Flight arrives on Tuesday next week. Signups for their arrival and departure close on Saturday evening so if you haven’t already signed up to greet our veterans, now is the time.

FYI — For those attending, we will be parking in the same parking lot as last year. You will still need the placard for your dashboard. It will be sent out on Sunday. And — it’s still FREE.

Two Weeks

“Two weeks” is a famous phrase. It might mean giving your two weeks notice before leaving a job. It could be when the contractor says he will be “done” with your remodel project. Perhaps is it the expected arrival date for your long-delayed delivery of furniture.

In this case, it is a two-week notice — for the first Honor Flight of 2023 coming to Dulles Airport. Don’t miss out — sign up today to greet our veterans from Moline, Illinois flying in with the Quad Cities Honor Flight!

Also check the schedule as we have added a new flight arriving on 17 June and cancelled a flight on 4 May.


Honor Flight of Southern Colorado has canceled their plans for their flight arriving on May 4th and departing on the 6th. They have an all-female flight coming into Dulles two weeks before that (April 20th). Their Board of Directors felt that they could not support the logistical effort needed to successfully handle another flight so close after that one.

First Flight Getting Closer

If you haven’t already signed up for the arrival (or departure) of the Quad City Honor Flight on Tuesday, 4 April, now is the time. For that matter, all the known flights are listed on the 2023 Spring Signups page. Might as well click on the link above and sign up for some of them while you are at it!

See you at Dulles in a few weeks.