Get Ready…

Good morning fabulous Dulles volunteers!! Your faithful Dream Team is just waking up from a long winter’s nap and getting ready for our Spring season. 

In the next week we will be attending the Honor Flight Summit in Baltimore, MD to get the wheels rolling on our 2017 flights. The summit is held once a year before the beginning of the season to allow ALL of our hubs to get together with the ground crews (us, BWI, and DCA) to plan the trips for our veterans, finalize some details, coordinate the buses, meals, visits to the memorials, etc and so on. A LOT of planning and preparation  (and fundraising) goes into planning just ONE Honor Flight Mission. Can you imagine that times 45 states?? (If not, check back in a little over a week, I’ll be posting statistics.)

So start getting your yellow shirts out and brush up on your waving, handshakes, hugs and smiles, we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more information. 

Oh- and for those of you REALLY early birds – 


Enjoy the winter while it’s here, Your Dream Team

New flights added to the Fall schedule and SIGNUPS are POSTED!!!

We are so excited about our Fall season beginning in less than a month, and we have been working hard to get everything ready to begin with our first flight (so far) on September 6th!! This IS a change to the earlier information we had, so please check your schedules and sign up to join us.

Links for signups are now LIVE on our 2016 Schedule page! Come join us and greet our heroes!!!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

A little update from the Dream Team…

Well, this spring may have been rainy and cold here in Northern Virginia but, our greetings this season have been as¬†heartwarming as ever! ¬†We have seen many new faces at the airport this year and are happy that so many of you have joined us in welcoming our nation’s great heroes.

So many of our Honor Flight hubs nationwide have done such a great job reaching out to their WWII vets, that we are seeing a greater number of Korean vets making the trips. ¬†It is amazing to see how quickly ¬†these “young” folks can make their way through the airport!
Thanks to all of you who have turned out at the airport…….to the Boy and Girl Scouts, homeschool groups, American Heritage Girls, Young Men Service League, sports teams, bands, bikers, senior groups and businesses that have joined us this year, WE THANK YOU!!!
Just a few flights left until our summer hiatus…….sign up here so you don’t miss out on this incredibly rewarding experience!


ONE WEEK ‘TIL OUR FIRST FLIGHT and a few changes!!

That’s right folks, we have ONE week until we welcome Never Forgotten Honor Flight from Wisconsin as our FIRST flight of the 2016 season!! We are getting our signs together and our hugs ready!! Are you with us?? Please sign up to greet on our 2016 Schedule.

ALSO there are TWO important changes to our schedule:

  1. Quad Cities on 4.21 will be arriving at 10:00AM, NOT 7:15AM.
  2. Honor Flight Southern Colorado will be departing out of BWI, not IAD as we thought.

Both of these changes are reflected on our schedule page.

We can’t wait to see you at the airport!!!

The Dream  Team