Free parking

Updated as of 12 May 2022

When you volunteer as a greeter for the Honor Flights, the driver of the vehicle is eligible to get free parking while at the airport. The Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority has been very, very generous in providing this benefit. You will need to register on our website for each flight that you attend and let us know that you are a driver to get free parking. Make sure that you answer YES to the required question “Will you be driving and requesting a parking placard?”  

Parking for free remains in place at Dulles Airport as of 20 April 2022. However, the process has changed dramatically. The airport has asked us NOT to park in Garages #1 and #2. Instead, they are directing us to use a surface lot that is not too much more of a walk than from the garages. When you sign up for a flight and request parking, you will receive an email 48 to 24 hours before the flight with the location of the lot, the procedure for entering the lot, and a placard to place on your car’s dashboard.

In order to receive the parking information mentioned above, ALL volunteers are reminded to sign up in advance. Make SURE when you sign up that you answer the required question “Will you be driving and requesting a parking placard?” Volunteers who did not sign up in advance may have to pay for parking in Garage #1 or #2 ($6.00 per hour to a maximum of $17.00). Parking in the Terminal lot (in front of the main terminal) is more expensive ($6.00 per hour to a maximum of $25.00).